PROJECT 11 Participant: 59SEVEN Headwear

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Hats and caps are much more than a piece of clothing; They are cerebral fashion accessories that can mark personality, social etiquette, and lifestyle. Hats and caps will never go out of style! Speaking of caps, they are all about embracing the sporty trend, while still looking chic and stylish. Caps have also been spotted on the runways of famous fashion brands. Needless to say, caps are one of the coolest trends of all seasons.

With that said we would love to introduce you to "59seven headwear", a brand originated from Suriname and worn locally and internationally.

59seven (to be read as fifty-nine seven) is a Surinamese headwear brand with an international vision. The brand name is derived from the country code of Suriname, which is 597.
Since the official launch of the brand in December 2016, the caps started to have a certain degree of familiarity amongst the Surinamese community, both locally and internationally. The caps are sold in different stores in Suriname and DRESSCODE is proud to be one of them.

59seven is founded by Gregory Djotaroeno, who is currently living in Curaçao.
The idea design caps started in 2015 after a holiday in Suriname, where he was looking for nice, stylish "Surinamese" shirts and caps. With a lot of sunny weather during the year in Suriname and Curaçao, wearing a cap always comes in handy and being a true lover of caps, he could not miss out on that one.

During his search, Gregory was able to find some nice T-shirts, but custom-made caps that represented Suriname where nowhere to be found. That’s when the idea started to create a fashionable headwear brand that shows love and pride for his beloved country Suriname.
Gregory returned back to Curaçao with his bright idea and started working on a few designs together with a cousin and friend who supported his vision and loved the idea.

Slowly but surely they were able to design a creative concept for high-end design caps. The "59seven" caps are fully custom made and inspired by current fashion trends.
Gregory now works with his childhood friend Bjorn Warsosemito who owns an advertising & marketing agency by the name of "BQ Branding". Bjorn still lives in Suriname and is responsible for sales, marketing, and local distribution together with Gregory’s brother and third partner Jonathan Djotaroeno. Gregory is thankful for the fruitful collaboration and at the same time very proud that he's able to contribute to putting Suriname on the map.

Gregory also designs caps for individuals and companies. The caps are custom made and are designed according to the customer's wishes. Many artists use hats like brand merchandise. The famous DJ Gilly Gonzales is a big fan and supporter of the 59seven caps because of the quality, uniqueness and the way they fit.
Gregory has developed caps for Gilly, with his own logo on it together with the Surinamese elements "597". Because of his interest and dedication, Gilly has become one of the first ambassadors of 59seven.
Benjamin Fayah, another Surinamese artist, has recently become a brand ambassador of 59seven caps as well. He proudly promoted the brand broadly during his performance at the "Suri Toppers" and Kwakoe Festival 2018

Gregory: Our focus is to create, design and introduce new caps on the market, so we can grow as a brand and as part of people their lifestyles. We have plenty of creative ideas in mind and are eager to launch our newly designed caps in the near future.

The caps can be ordered online with shipping options to the Netherlands, Belgium, USA and the Caribbean. In the near future, the caps will also be available in various stores in the Netherlands.

Even though the brand owners are focused on increasing the awareness of the brand in Suriname and abroad, they also aim to invest in social and community service projects in Suriname. The first steps have already been taken with the donation of 59seven bags in October 2017 for the children of the Fr. Stahlin School. This project was executed in collaboration with DJ Gilly Gonzales.

Gregory: We stand behind our work. We guarantee that you will get the best quality hat, every time you order. Don’t take our word for it, come and check out our custom made caps at the Urban POP-UP gallery and definitely keep supporting our own Surinamese brand. We want the world to see us!

Being able to work with DRESSCODE is a great opportunity to promote our brand and get more exposure. We noticed that our brand popularity is increasing and is also a result of the fact that we are able to sell our products at DRESSCODE. For this, we are very grateful to them.

Gregory: We really like the initiative of DRESSCODE to organize the POP-UP gallery. They have been in the business now for 11 years and have been in the same place as we as emerging brands are now. By giving us the opportunity to showcase our products, we will be able to get more brand exposure and let people know the story behind our brand.
The promotion campaign for Project 11 has been professionally addressed and we are already getting a lot of media attention, which will also benefit our brand.
Together with the launch of PROJECT 11, we will be launching 4 of our latest cap designs. We are also giving away some goodies such as 59seven drawstring bags and 59seven pins, upon purchase of certain (quantity) items.


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