PROJECT 11 Participant: Cosplay Suriname

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The art of costume design reaches far beyond simply selecting an outfit. While costumes do refer to the way a character dresses, they are also responsible for relaying the story of that person's joys, struggles, and triumphs, and present a look into the life they lead. Costume designers bring the characters in the screenplay to life. In other words, costume design is storytelling.

Meet Danny Junior Allan and Jonathan Isaiah Francis, two very creative and passionate costume designers based in Suriname. They found strength in joining forces and have been designing amazing costumes over the past few months. Even though they both come from totally different backgrounds their collaboration and connection shapes their work experience and talent with each day.

Being first-time exhibitors feels like a first date or a job interview. They are nervous but at the same time thrilled to be part of PROJECT 11 and can not wait to showcase their latest costume designs during the Urban POP-UP Gallery.

You've gotta check out the incredible custom-made cosplay armors that they created. Their work is amazing and is guaranteed to make heads turn. 

Danny Jr. goes all out with art and designing. Other than costume designs he is very good at painting and drawing. He's also a very talented wood carver and burner who crafts wooden rings by hand. Danny Jr. has been creating with his bare hands for several years, which gives him the advantage of creating his own costumes and cosplay very easily. He's very detail-oriented while Jonathan is the one who is more focused on bringing the idea to life.

Both emerging designers are motivated and dedicated to doing what they love and have been spending a lot of time designing and recreating costumes from the scratch. These costumes include Spiderman, Blackwidow, Deadpool, Forozone, Antman and Black Panther, to mention a few. Their costumes have been featured during events, benefit activities and during movie premieres at TBL Cinemas.

Speaking of movie premieres, the designers made their big debut during the premiere of Marvel's "Black Panther" in TBL Cinemas. While Black Panther fans dressed up in traditional African clothing to celebrate the premiere on the 24th of February, the duo went all out redesigning the costumes worn in the movie. With that, they created a physical fraction of what made it a good movie. The fans were not only surprised and amazed by the designs but they got even more excited to watch the movie when they entered the cinema and saw the costumes.

After their big break, the designers launched their brand "COSPLAY SURINAME ".
Cosplay is short for costume play, which is the practice of dressing up as a character from a film, book, or video game. Anyone can cosplay anywhere. But in Suriname, you'll usually see cosplayers during Halloween, Carnival Road March, theme Partys and other themed events.

The founders believe that Cosplay brightens up people their lives. People Cosplay For fun. Like any sport, hobby, or other forms of entertainment, the main reason people cosplay is that they enjoy it. So seeing someone get a thrill out of dressing up shouldn't be that difficult to understand.

The designers dedicate themselves not only to creating the look of a character in a film or on television but also to creating unique costumes from the scratch for their customers. With that, they aim to give people the opportunity to be some else other than themselves.

Besides the fact that they are very creative individuals they both have a big heart that beats and breaks for all of humanity. That’s why they also joined "Healing Heroes Foundation" where they volunteer to bring joy to hospitalized children with serious illnesses and those with special needs by dressing up as their favorite Superheroes. Seeing the kids their faces "lit up", excites and motivates them to continue what they are doing.

Danny Jr. and Jonathan aim to go international with their costume designs in the future. They would also love to participate in a cosplay costume competition abroad. In the near future, they will keep promoting their brand while putting a smile on people their faces.


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