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Hey beautiful reader.......Happy weekend!
We hope that you have been able to join our 11th-anniversary celebration the past few days. As mentioned in our previous we are celebrating the 11th anniversary of "DRESSCODE" with the execution of a give back project "PROJECT11".

PROJECT11 is all about supporting local talents in the Fashion, Art, and entertainments Industry and consists of several events and activities such as the Urban Pop-up gallery which is a platform for emerging designers and artist to showcase their work and promote their brand. 
In case you are new to our blog, welcome and feel free to click here for more details about "PROJECT 11".

We have received many positive comments, love, and support since the launch of our project on the 10th of August and we are very grateful for that.
As the celebration continues we are excited to announce that we will be highlighting locals musicians and other talents in performing arts this weekend. Fashion and Art add colors to life, but when you add music to the mix, "its EVERYTHING"!

Supporting local musicians not only helps the local economy but the community as well. It keeps local venues, restaurants/bars, and music appreciation lively and strong! If the local artists that you support make it to the top, it’s an awesome feeling to stand back knowing you’ve been there from their first shows as a small artist and witnessed their growth into a recognized talent in the music industry. With that said, we really need your help. 
So join us on Friday the 30th of August and Saturday the 1st of September at 12 pm for a mind-blowing energy blends that will come into existence during the live music performance led by "Prayanswer". We promise you that you that you’ll be finding great, undiscovered music and awesome people behind the art.

"PRAYANSWER with the ANSWER and Friends".

The performance will be led by David Rotgans who goes by Pray answer.
Prayanswer is a very talented drummer, producer, and artist who is very fond of PROJECT 11. This passionate artist loves to bring together local talents in the Entertainment Industry and is a believer in "rising by lifting others'.
During his performance with other locals musicians, singers, and spoken words artist, he will bring us a mindblowing mix of Kawina Jazz, hip-hop and fusion live at DRESSCODE.


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