PROJECT 11 Participant: Kevin Thompson

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Hi everyone and welcome back to our blog. Today we’d like to introduce you to Kevin Thompson, a professional dancer, freelance videographer, and designer who will showcase his own line of t-shirts during PROJECT 11, Urban POP-UP Gallery.

Kevin: "As soon as I got to know about DRESSCODE I started to visit the shop just to check out their custom T-shirts which were very unique, creative and of good quality. I admire their way of working and the fact that they set the right tone in the fashion industry of Suriname. I highly appreciate the opportunity to work together with them during PROJECT 11."
I see myself following in their footsteps, by opening my own clothing store with a variety of T-shirts, each of them with their own unique story and value, purchased and worn locally and abroad.

Kevin his parents, both from Guyanese origin migrated to Suriname where his mother gave birth to him on 26th of May 1988.
He was a very bright child who was very interested and attentive at school, therefore he was being bullied and called names such as "nerd". This came to an end when his mother passed away after she was hit by a motorcycle. As a teenager who was very attached to his mother, Kevin could not get over the unbearable pain of losing her and ended up seeking attention from the wrong people as a way to deal with it. He started slacking in school, got into fights and became very stubborn.

When his aunt traveled with him to Guyana to visit his grandmother, something magical happened. While Kevin was still grieving his attention was caught by his cousin who did a backflip stunt and landed on both feet. Kevin was very impressed by that and just couldn't get it out of his head.

Back in Suriname, he started practicing the dance moves and slowly but surely he was getting more and more flexible. When he finally was able to pull off the stunt he realized that he wanted more and started to practice Hip-hop and breakdance moves. He found himself expressing his emotions through dancing and totally turned his time, energy and focus to that.

On his journey to becoming a professional dancer, Kevin started to make new friends who shared the same passion and decided to join a dance school when he got introduced to jazz contemporary dance styles. Since this dance style was more relaxed and peaceful compared to breakdance, dancing became more than a way to express his emotions. He found peace, happiness, fun and a way to let his creativity out.
He took dance classes for 5 years and became a professional dancer who performs not only in Suriname but also other countries such as Brazil, France, Curacao, The Netherlands, French Guyana and Guyana.

One of his dance buddies was very good at designing Stencil t-shirts. Kevin was very impressed by that and kept asking his friend to make him T-shirts. His friend decided to teach him how to design T-shirts so he could make his own. Kevin started practicing and before he knew he was able to design his own shirts. He went all out and got a lot of inspiration from kids while he was creating different designs. Kids have always been his biggest inspiration for designing because they are always able to express themselves freely since they are not influenced by society other things in life.

Soon Kevin started to create different design T-shirts with the aim to start a business. Even though he received a lot of compliments he only sold 3 T-shirts in 3 years. That did not stop him from following his dreams, instead, he decided to take some time off to work on a major come back. He spent two years learning about Stencil designs. He watched youtube videos, read books and asked advice from professionals. After two years of self-education he was able to deliver quality, uniqueness, and value and with that, he was able to gain more customers. In 2015 produced his own line of t-shirts and launch his brand KID ART”.

Kevin: "I love kids and I love art. Because of my love for both, I am able to get my creativity out when I am designing and dancing"
Nowadays he gets a lot of orders for his T-shirts in Suriname and abroad. Every design has a story but the "Straight Outta Suriname" T-shirts are his buyers favorite. The shirts are not only used as a clothing piece but also as a merchandise. It deeply touches his heart to know that somewhere in the world someone is walking around in one of his Shirts.

Don't miss the chance to get to know this professional dancer, videographer and most of all creative T-shirt designer.


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