PROJECT 11 Participant: Meredith Joeroeja

  • By Olivia Samuel
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"Sometimes life throws at us curve balls to steer us in the path that is meant to be walked by us, where our true passion will be fulfilled to have a satisfying and contented life".

That is exactly what happened with Meredith, a young emerging fashion designer born on March 5th, 1996 in Suriname. She is both excited and extremely grateful for the opportunity to take part in "PROJECT 11" Urban POP-UP gallery where she will be launching her latest clothing collection.  


Growing up Meredith had her share of dressing dolls and making clothes for them, but little did she know then that this is where her true passion lies and would eventually be her destiny.

During her high school days, Meredith dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur and focused her energy towards achieving that goal. This is also the reason why she decided to study International Business and management. Her education combined with her passion for fashion marked the beginning of an injection of courage and creative freedom to experiment with innovative designs.

The journey to become a fashion designer started in 2014 when Meredith designed a collection of dresses which she promoted through social media. Her designs to turned heads and before she knew, she was taking orders. Fast and steady Meredith made her way into the Fashion Industry of Suriname and came out very strong when she was approached by Suriname ’N Style to take part in Suriname Fashion Week 2015.
Shortly after, she participated in TED X Women "Recycling project" where she designed and showcased a collection of outfits made of flexible polyurethane foam and other recycled materials.

In 2015 Meredith participated in FASHION FEST by MAFB (an annual competition focused on empowering and educating talents in the Fashion Industry) and won the first price in the designer's category. 

Meredith was not to be stopped!

A few months after she traveled to The Netherlands where she took part in FASHION FEST AMSTERDAM. Even though her pieces were outstanding, she didn’t win the competition. This motivated her even more, to work harder and improve her skills.
When she returned home she started working on her own fashion brand (label) "MERRYMARIAN" and the launch of a new collection, "Camouflage Ready To Wear” for men and woman. She showcased this collection at a charity Fashion Show organized by Suriname Fashion and Style and during Fashion week Suriname 2016. 

IN 2017 she left for French Guyana to launch another collection called “MUGEN”(means infinity) inspired by her obsession for Japanese Culture.


Since Meredith had some unfinished business in the Netherlands she prepared her self for FASHION FEST AMSTERDAM 2017 and was dedicated to winning. She designed and presented a collection by the name of KOHESI, inspired by Samburu a tribe of Kenya. The judges were very impressed by her strong come back and she won the first price in the designer's category. She decided to stay two months in the Netherlands to gain more knowledge and even got a chance to work with top influencers in the fashion Industry.

When Meredith returned back home another opportunity was awaiting as she received a scholarship from the Chinese Embassy in collaboration with Suriname ’N Style to go to China and join a Fashion Summer Course at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. On arrival at the university, Meredith decided to focus on the subjects product development, merchandising, garments production and global merchandise since she is ready to take designing to the next level.

Now Meredith is back home and aims to succeed more than ever. She is planning to work hard not only to improve her brand but herself as well.

For her PROJECT 11 is just the right platform to kick-start this journey. 


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