PROJECT 11 Participant: Rafael Jantz

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"While some may say that every picture tells a story, only a few can do it right. Rafael Jantz is one of those Storytellers who is able to draw out emotions in others and leave them with a lasting memory".

During PROJECT 11, this passionate storyteller will be showcasing his art pieces for the first time. He is excited and nervous at the same but feels very honored to be part of this happening. He praises the initiative!!

Rafael: "The management of DRESSCODE is putting in so much work and effort to benefit and support creative artists. With PROJECT 11 they created a haven which gives all participants total freedom to share their talent and take it to the next level." I could not be more thankful, and since August is my birthday month, this is the best birthday present ever!"


Tour guide by degree, photographer, and filmmaker by talent and a true giver by heart, Rafael Jantz is an American Surinamese creativist who is recognized for capturing and popularizing Suriname's beautiful landscapes and historical buildings through his photo-story series. 

He was born in Florida but migrated with his parents to Suriname, when his father the famous Ted Jantz, pursued his dream as the pioneer of setting up the broadcasting network in Suriname. This led to the development of his own media company "MEDIAVISION" which is currently being managed by Rafael and his older brother Andre Jantz.


Growing up in Suriname, Rafael attended the Amercian school. After finishing high school he decided to apply for college in America where he would get a degree in Tour and Travel Management, even though he has been avidly passionate about photography. It would be the very first time that he would really experience America since he was a toddler when he left. Since he thought America was this great place such as seen on television he was very excited, till reality hit him very hard when he ended up attending college in California and working 3 jobs at the same time to survive. 

After a few years in California, Rafael realized that this was not the kind of life he wanted to live. He noticed that most people were working hard to pay all their debts and had little or no time to enjoy the beauty and simple things in life. He came back to Suriname with the knowledge and experience and started working with his father as a filmmaker.

Combining his hobby of photography with his film making skills and his mesmerizing traveling and tour guide experiences he is able to give a whole new and beautiful outlook to photography. He uses his knowledge in Tourism very well when he visits the interior to make documentaries. Whenever he is working on a documentary or film making project his camera is right next to him. 


Through his story, Rafael expresses his love, amazement, and passion for Suriname. The best part about these stories is that they are not just his own stories, but also comprise of peerless experiences of peerless people he comes across during his journeys.

Although Rafael is very passionate about photography, he is not exactly a fan of fame. His passion and love for the camera is the only reason for his solicitation of photography. As a self-taught photographer, he lays great emphasis even on the tiniest of details of his photos and videos.

As a true giver, he aims to do charity photography and filming projects on a monthly base. He was very excited to share his latest project which was the recording of a music video, "Taa Fa" - the number one song of SURIPOP XX 2018 written by Byciel Watsaam. He truly captured the message, the lyrical storyline, and added lots of creativity to the video. His passion flows through his work. 

Get ready to visit the Urban POP-Up gallery and be left with a lasting memory.


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