PROJECT 11 Participant: Veronica Jibodh

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“A bag can be a very public statement about the image a woman wants to project. It can be a deeply coveted object of desire, with some women going into ecstasies over some designer bags. Or it can be a private repository of personal items: photographs, lucky charms, seashells, love letters – treasures that comfort or inspire. There is something intensely intimate about a woman’s bag; in some ways, it is a microcosm of her life. This is why being a fashion bag designer is a job that dreams are made of. 

Meet “Veronica Jibodh, a purpose-driven entrepreneur based in the Netherlands. She is always looking for new opportunities and ways to accomplish her goals and live her dream!

Veronica was the first owner of "Discover Your Beauty", a very chic beauty salon, but she wanted more than just that. Whatever she wants, she’s trying to achieve. As for now, she’s the owner, founder, and designer of POUCHI, a new label for high fashion leather accessories.

The brand name POUCHI is derived from the word “pouch”, which means “bag” or “sack”.


It was a beautiful Friday evening in the summer of 2011 when this brilliant idea of a POUCHI bag popped up in Veronica her head while she was putting together an outfit for an event that she would be attending. As she was trying to style her outfit she could not find the perfect little bag to go along with it. All she wanted to take with her that day were her phone, her keys, lipstick and her credit card. As she certainly did not want to carry more than needed she was looking for a little waist bag, something she could wear on her hips or waist?! Of course, it had to be elegant and chic to match her dress.


This particular elegant fanny pack kept her mind busy during her night out and as soon as she got home, she googled it on the internet. When Veronica couldn’t find what she was searching for, she decided to design it herself!Without any design experience she literally googled: “How do I become a bags designer”, and that’s when the idea to design a bag was born!” It was the start of a whole new journey.

Veronica took her most important items, started sorting them and drawing around them. She thought of a name that was related to “pouch” since her newest adventure was to make the pouch of all pouches. During her design process, she developed a luxurious and multifunctional pouch to be worn as a fanny pack, a crossbody, a shoulder bag, a wallet and a clutch. One, no one had seen before! Besides the fact that the pouch can be worn in multiple ways, the chain that comes with it can also be worn in different ways such as a belt or a necklace thanks to the logo charm.”

Even though Veronica has no fashion background, she is determined to create multiple irresistible fashion items for POUCHI, which was established as a company in January 2012.


PROJECT" 11 is another great initiative that I could not say no to. I am extremely proud of the management of DRESSCODE and their team. They set a great example in the fashion business, they are very creative and are constantly working to empower (young) talented people in the industry. They created a platform emerging artist, designers to guide them towards entrepreneurship. That is simply AMAZING!
I feel very honored that I have been asked to participate and I am grateful for this beautiful opportunity.

During PROJECT 11 I will be showcasing 2 fashion brands; POUCHI the international Fashion brand and VÍRONIQUE, a fashion clothing brand in the middle market segment that I recently launched. The POUCHI products that I will be presenting are mainly sample products that I can finalize and eventually bring into production. The VÍRONIQUE clothing line, on the other hand, is finished and can be purchased at vironique.com

Don't miss out this amazing opportunity to support and get to know our own Surinamese creativist and brand.


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