PROJECT 11: Giving Back In Celebration Of Our 11th Anniversary

  • By Olivia Samuel
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We are thrilled to share that this year marks the 11th anniversary of DRESSCODE.

Since the launch of our store in 2007, we have been serious about redefining fashion with the very best of fashion trends, styles and customer service. Watching this vision grow from a single floor store with a handful of employees to four times its former size and becoming home to the largest selection of the “I LOVE SU’ limited edition merchandise has been an incredible journey.

Looking back, we are proud, thankful and humbly awed by the growth we have experienced over the years.  DRESSCODE has evolved immensely and continues to grow. Along with that, we have gained so much knowledge and experience in the market. We contribute our success to our conscientious, diligent staff and our customer's steadfast patronage, and loyalty.


When we started to think about ways to celebrate our company’s 11th anniversary which is on the 11th of August 2018, "giving back" immediately sprang to mind. We constantly have been striving to deliver value, but now is the time to pause, express our thankfulness and give back by sharing our knowledge and experience and investing in others.

So this year, we will celebrate our 11th successful year in business by sharing our blessings with our valued customers and emerging brand owners in the Fashion and Art Industry.


In order to give back and realize our anniversary mission, we will execute a project by the name of "PROJECT 11".
PROJECT 11 consists of several activities such as raffles, discounts, and anniversary deals but the main happening will be a one-of-a-kind branding platform in the form of an Urban POP-UP gallery. The platform is dedicated to emerging artists and Fashion designers and will bring together local and international brands into a dynamic and focused business environment.
Our goal is to provide the participants with a prime opportunity for enhancing their brands, achieving their marketing goals, promoting product innovation and building business relationships.

During PROJECT 11 Urban POP-UP gallery we will:
- Share our knowledge and experience in fashion, branding and designing with the participants
- Organize workshops and motivational sessions to uplift the participants in order to take their business to the next level
- Promote the participants through our website and social media platforms
- Create a physical platform for the participants to showcase, brand and sell their products.


Fashion Designers

  • Meredith Joeroeja - MerryMarian
  • Ketura Pryor & Raquel Wijnerman - K&R Designs
  • Kevin Thompson - Kid Art 
  • Veronica Jibodh - Pouchi bags 
  • Gregory Djotaroeno & Bjorn Warsosemito - 59Seven headwear
  • Danny Junior Allan & Jonathan Francis  - Cosplay Suriname 


  • Rafael Jantz - Visual Storyteller
  • Rachel Nijman - Paintings & bags
  • Dwight Mahenderpersad - Tattoo's & Paintings


The activities around the project will be held from Saturday the 4th till Tuesday the 31st of August 2018. The Urban POP-UP gallery will take place over the weekends in August on the second floor of our store which will be transformed into an exhibition space. We can honestly not wait until our second floor is decked out with the works of the talented participants.

With so many exciting things happening around our 11th-anniversary celebration, you should definitely come by and celebrate with us. Help us spread the word and stay close since we will be sharing the participants their profile and brand story on a daily base.
For more information about PROJECT 11 head over to our Facebook event page where we will be sharing the latest news and updates.



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